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June 18, 2007
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We Could Be Heroes by Kid-Apocalypse We Could Be Heroes by Kid-Apocalypse
100 Themes Challenge, #5 "Seeking Solace"

First time in my life I've really wanted to write a fanfiction, and here I have to go and be weird about it. This pic is something of a bird getting smacked twice--wait... :O_o: Anywho. I get to be longwinded, cuz this took me two straight days! This is also the first time I've ever drawn a Disney duck, possibly a Disney ANYTHING, so please crit nicely. ^^;

Before I start explaining, I'm going to put in credits, (from left to right). Magnet (c) me; Will (c) Enix etc., Huey Duck (c) Disney etc. Kingdom Hearts is also copyright Disney, Square-Enix, and Buena Vista Games apparently.

Starting from the left with the "main character"--Her name is Magnet (nicknamed Guni for reasons that only make sense to the one who calls her that) and she became a thief when her world collapsed and she found herself stranded in Traverse Town. When she was caught trying to steal a rare something-or-other that may or may not be plot-important, she was more or less forced into joining a search that I will speak more of in a moment.

Next to her, cheering her on, is Will, of Illusion of Gaia fame. Having saved his own world and thus changed it into a colorless place devoid of the fantastic, he wasn't exactly broken up when it disappeared. Being back on the adventure track has perked him up considerably and he joined the search quite happily.

Huey, the most responsible of Donald Duck's nephews, got anxious while waiting for his uncle to return, and was about to close the shop when he caught Magnet red-handed. Afraid of searching for Donald on his own, Huey blackmailed Magnet into helping. He also made small charms that resembled one of Donald's staffs so that the party could keep track of one another's whereabouts.

:phew: I may actually write this. At the very least, I may make them each a stats page. Depends on if I get the courage to try to draw any of them EVER AGAIN.

..................I'd be surprised if anyone read any of this. :shrug: Oh well. It's a pretty picture.
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Argh, much frustration! :frustration: How dost one find thine story?! Do you keep it on FicPress? Or here on DA? I shalt find such an item!

This is an awesome picture!!! The background is great effect, the characters all look REALLY well done! I can easily tell you put a lot of work on this (though I wouldn't be surprised if it was nothing to you -- the talent shwon is easily apparent!). Raah! Magnet -- Good! Will -- Good! Huey -- Hehe, Good! :clap:

I won't be surprised if I end up adding a ton of your stuff to my favorites! :nod:
Oh, I'm sorry, I never wrote it!

Thank you thank you! :D It's true, I did put a lot of work into it, and it's one of the better pieces in my gallery, IMO. Huey was the hardest part, although Magnet took the longest.

And my ego will inflate to an according level. :hug:
You didn't write it? Well sure fooled me :blush:

I wonder, is the shadow effect done by Photoshop (or whichever you had used) or did you actually do that? I didn't even notice that until now :O Sorry, IMO?

Precisely! Accordingly is the key word!
I'm really good at making plans. I got the characters together and gave them a plot, but my capacity as a fan kind of ended there....

It's a drop shadow effect in Painter 9. IMO means "In my opinion"--I'm too lazy to type it out. ;p

Hehe, I know that -- same issue with my story, only that theres something of a few chapters written :-x

Heh, net lingo. "How Dost Thou Navigate Such a Labyrinthine Structure..."
I have so much of that.... Few chapters for this, less for that, half of this one over there.....

Careful observation, wikipedia, and just plain making stuff up. \(^▽^*)いらっしゃ~いっ(*^▽^;)
Awesome picture, and cool story thus far too. :)
Thank you! I put a lot of effort into both. And thank you for the fave!
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