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Full name: Sigurd Conrad
Other names: Urd; Chief
Age/DOB: 24
Physical/Mental Gender: Urd is a man's man.  Too busy to care on his own merit, but with his father's ideas ingrained in his head.
Cultural Heritage: Nebraska.
Parentage: Gail Conrad, home-maker; Peter Conrad, salesman
Prosperity: Urd takes care of his family as much as his father lets him.  He's well off on his own.


Height: Although he gives the illusion of height in his mannerisms, Urd is a little shorter than David. (5'9")
Weight: 143
Build: Sort of like a carrot.  He has broad-ish shoulders, but narrower hips and small feet.
Skin-tone: Ashy, with dark bags under his eyes.  In part due to his lifestyle, but also due to his basic genetic code, poor sod.
Eyes: Dark black, narrow and intense
Hair: Somewhat floppy, a little greasy from being pushed out of his face all the time.
Nose: Hawkish and long.
Mouth: Angular and sharp, prominent canines
Ears: It's tempting to say "just ears".  He has ears like his father, they look like they belong on an older head.
Scars/other markings: Appendix scar that looks rather nasty.
Glasses/piercings: Wears reading glasses when he's working or reading (except newspapers and magazines).
Preferred Hand: Right for most things, tries to use his left more often.
Other/Notes: Even in relaxed moments, Urd tends to look austere and unforgiving.  To those who don't know him, he looks like he couldn't spot a joke if it was served to him on toast, but that's only half true.  He rarely smiles.


Level of physical fitness: Poor.  This relates more closely to his health, which has been called into question by his mother and the media alike.
Physical age: Fun question.  Thanks to his grim appearance, Urd has been called an old man by his colleagues, but when he smiles, he looks his age or younger.
Tone of voice: Baritone, but not as deep as he would like.
Smoker/drinker: Addicted to coffee, drinks beer on occasion.
Physical disabilities: Muscle twinges and bad knees.
Traits gained from mother: Refusal to back down from any challenge (actual or perceived), affinity for cooking, taste in books
Traits gained from father: At once very little and far too much.  They share a temperament, but differ so greatly in opinion and values that they usually end up arguing or silent.
Traits gained from surroundings: The most important thing Urd learned from his uncomfortable youth was that stopping to think of other's opinions slows him down.  He does not balance that well with the concept of public image, although he is aware of the need.
Dominant parent: Difficult to tell.  He prefers his mother, but he's a lot like his dad.
Masking ability: Either masterful or abysmal.  His melancholy face could be said to be the perfect mask, or openly admitted depression.
Empathy/Reader: Neither.  He is oblivious.
Education: Burned through it like a candle dropped into a bonfire.  He holds degrees including an honorary one in magic that he made for himself when he was four.  His mother keeps this framed in her kitchen.
Moral/Logical: Logical to a fault.  It's yet to be seen if there are any exceptions to this standard.
Religion: Claims to have no time for it.
Views on...:
-Love: Commercialised to the point of death.  He has said that filial love is more or less intact, but denotes romance as an attempt to sentimentalise biological imperative.
-Work: Lives for it.  If he isn't working, Urd is not a happy camper.
-Emotions: Easily confused by those of others.  In fact, confusion is probably Urd's most familiar companion.  He's like Dr Manhattan, but without the power, blue skin, or decent excuse.
-Racism: If a person can contribute to society, then that's as far as he cares.
-Hate: Too busy, and frankly uninterested.
-Money: Stockpiles it like a chipmunk, but sections off a generous amount for charity and his parents' use.  One thing he is noted for is the lengths he goes to to lower the retail price of any end products he has a hand in.
-Individualism vs. Conformity: Stands aside on this issue.  He is not one to conform, but he understands the basic need to belong.
-Beauty: "That falls within the purview of your philosophical conundrum."
-Comfort: More than anything, a thoroughly proven hypothesis, one way or another.  Urd can and does go days without sleeping when he can't figure something out.  He also plays video games, though they straddle the line between dalliance for relaxation and hobby.
Hobbies: He reads everything, cooks, flips through his messages, and occasionally messes with chat roulette.
Likes: Windy days, going to concerts, the cooking channel, MMORPGs
Dislikes: When his secretary pulls rank on him, too much routine
Preferences in a companion: Not one to nitpick about who he hangs out with, especially since he is generally around a lot of different.  The shorter answer would be if one asked who he prefers not to be around: the obvious sycophant, most journalists.  He actually looks forward to hecklers.
Personality: Urd is a wide-eyed visionary living in a world that he sees as unendingly fascinating, and seeks ever to improve it in whatever way strikes him.  His grim, hungry-looking exterior hides a childlike desire to learn, and very compartmentalised shyness.
Other/Notes: I cut out Philias/Phobias because these are not things I need to have on record for him.  Urd needs a touch of mystery, or it will be hard to write from anyone else's point of view.


Line of work: Basically?  Bruce Wayne without the Batman.  Urd heads a very successful company that does a little of everything, and he's something of a media darling because of his age, track record, and ideas regarding economy.
Dwelling: Again, cutting this because not everything should be answered about Urd.  Though I will say he has a flat in his office building.  (Occasionally called The Fortress of Attitude in jest)
Allergies: Notoriously allergic to milk and shellfish.
Talents: Genius inventor, programmer, and artist.
Preferred method of transportation: Cars.  Although he does have a driver some of the time, he has his own car and hates taxis.
Hygiene habits: Tidy.  He can be forgetful, but he gets there in the end.
-Preferred company: People who don't work for him.  Urd doesn't have a lot of friends, thanks to being famous and busy.
-Preferred friends: He really enjoys Erika's company, and often asks Aurelia for her opinion on his own design work.
-Reasons for being around others: Business and/or pleasure.  While not a social butterfly, Urd isn't really a loner either.
Others/Notes: Our Urd needs his mystery—or rather, everyone else needs it.  So this is the cut off point for him.  Besides, I think I have enough on him now.
Don't know why this took me so long, I pared it down so much.

Anyway, this is all of them. Urd is sort of a pivotal point, since he's the one who's going to [SPOILER TAG]. I know them all very well now, and that's all I needed. :D
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