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Full name: Jessica Mae Angus
Song: Miri - 불꽃
Other names: Jessie (tag)
Age/DOB: 17
Physical/Mental Gender: Girl/Girl.  Though she is relaxed in her feminine identity, she does not identify as a boy even in part.
Cultural Heritage: East coast U.S., generically UK-descendant
Parentage: Sylvia Angus, a hard-working librarian; Michael Angus, a lawyer
Prosperity: Middle middle-class; both parents are employed


Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140lb
Build: Narrow-shouldered, but not thin
Skin-tone: Pale Caucasian
Eyes: Big, droopy-lidded muddy brown eyes, slightly lacking in symmetry
Hair: Dark brown, long-ish, unkempt ponytail with barrettes to keep it out of eyes, greasy and uninteresting
Nose: Snub
Mouth: Wide mouth, thin lips, teeth straight due to recently removed braces
Ears: Long ears, flatter against head than most, attached earlobe
Scars/other markings: Very old burn scar on right forearm, seven inches long, four inches at its widest, between wrist and elbow
Glasses/piercings: None; metal on the body is a bad idea for an inventor
Preferred Hand: Left
Other/Notes: Always wears a scarf, which David calls her security blanket, occasionally wears goggles.  Dresses in loose clothes; nothing in her wardrobe is free of stains.  Short fingernails.


Level of physical fitness: High strength, medium endurance, poor speed.
Physical age: Thanks to her height, could maybe pass for a young 19 if she dresses for it, but generally looks her age because of the way she carries herself and her under-expressed curves.
Tone of voice: Deep-ish mezzo-soprano; tends to speak in a lower register and a lower volume
Smoker/drinker: Neither
Physical disabilities: Averse to light, but this is due to spending too much time indoors
Traits gained from mother: Eyes, nose, visionary gaze
Traits gained from father: Mouth, height, stubbornness
Traits gained from surroundings: Determination to succeed, understanding of media and basic physics, inability to discern possibility from fantasy
Dominant parent: Neither.  She wonders at times if she was adopted or borrowed.
Masking ability: Virtually zippo.  She can lie, sometimes, but generally wears her heart on her sleeve.
Empathy/Reader: A bit on the nosy side, tries to step in and fix situations even when she doesn't understand the situation or feelings involved.
Education: Average high school student.  Fails to pay attention in English and other classes that don't have inventing applications.
Moral/Logical: Consistently at odds with the inherent conflict.  She wants to be a good person, and is honestly ruled by her feelings to a significant degree, but she does understand the logical aspect even when she doesn't like it, and may well choose that course of action simply to prove to herself that she can be "objective", or out of contextual spite.
Religion: Agnostic by heritage, strengthened by the perception that scientists don't believe in a god
Views on...:
-Love: To Jessie, Love = Approval.  She longs for it, but as her parents don't understand her, any attempts to show their love feels like condescension to her.  Though David does not always "get it", he does accept her by and large, and so is closer to her than anyone else.
-Work: Her great love.  Hands-on work with rules and expectations or at least guesses fulfils her.
-Emotions: Dislikes them on scientific principal, but secretly envies Leo his openness.
-Prejudice: So blind to it that Leo thinks she is either quaint or an alien
-Hate: Same thing as prejudice.
-Money: Doesn't think about it in her everyday life—both of her parents work and she's an only child—but she knows that her plans will call for greater capital than she can gather on her own, and so wants to learn how to write proposals.
-Individualism vs. Conformity: Like many teenagers, Jessie doesn't really know her place in the world, especially where she fits in socially.  Everyone she gets along with is a good deal older than her, but even adults are as much an alien species as her peers.  She is a very mixed-up girl, but driven by her own dreams and ambitions—she might not understand social norms at all.
-Beauty: Smooth, sleek things, the perfect marriage of form and function.  Hard to say what she would find physically attractive in a man.  She probably has a crush on Leo, but I think that would be almost in spite of his pretty face.
-Comfort: Getting things right or reaching a favourable conclusion usually sets her mind at ease, but relaxation in general is difficult for her.  She has trouble sitting still, and most forms of entertainment just leave her cold.
Hobbies: Other than inventing—which is almost a vocation for her—she likes to watch How It's Made and rides a bike.
Phobias: Mostly the fear of failure.  More mundane fears include agoraphobia, public transportation, and thunder
Philias: Logic, metal, inventing!
Likes: The warmth of an enclosed space, grass, solid objects with smooth surfaces, radio stations
Dislikes: Being jostled, not understanding something, cold feet, having to match the pace of another person
Preferences in a companion: Understanding and interest.  She really doesn't ask for much.
Personality: A bit too serious and almost over-bearing when she knows what she's talking about.  Emotionally tousled, very slow to forgive, tends to shock people when she expresses any sense of humour.  Full of drive and ambition.
Other/Notes: Is in many senses, lost and between worlds and categories.  She doesn't know why she doesn't like the majority of the people she meets, and responds to people that she does like with an almost disconcerting loyalty and interest, attaching herself irrevocably to them.


Line of work: High school student.  Allows David to sell her failed inventions as "sculptures" at the consignment store he works at.
-Describe their current one: A big lonely house.  The upstairs holds no interest for her, and she has taken over the basement.  Although she does sleep in a bedroom on the second floor.
-Describe their childhood one: Still in the middle of it.
-Describe their least favourite dwelling: N/A
-Describe their favourite dwelling: Dislikes leaving home, as her setup is there and hardly portable.
Allergies: Though David jokes that she's allergic to sunlight, Jessie has no allergies.
Talents: Very intuitive, quick with mental puzzles and exercises of logical thinking—particularly outside the box.
Preferred method of transportation: Bicycle
Hygiene habits: Somewhat poor.  She is a teenage grease monkey.
-Preferred company: Doesn't really like being alone, but the only person she gets along with all the time is her cousin David.
-Preferred friends: At first there is only David, but when she meets Leo and Urd, she sees David as her number one out of loyalty, but secretly prefers Leo.
-Reasons for being around others: Eschews them.  She isn't a loner by nature, but she doesn't really understand people and hates to be surrounded by what she doesn't understand—this is why she doesn't read fiction.  The kid doesn't like Sesame Street and has never read The Hobbit.
Others/Notes: Given that she tends to isolate herself, Jessie is viewed as a loner by everyone but David and Urd.  David knows her well enough to understand her awkwardness as a barrier, and Urd is just that kind of person.  Leo thinks that she's just going through her "People Suck" phase.



Even as a small child, Jessie honed her motor skills and failed to connect with her peers on a deeper level.  She appeared to understand the speech of others by the age of eighteen months, but did not speak until she was nearly three; she did so in complete sentences.  Her parents decided she was a genius and gave her plenty of books, and though her mother despaired when Jessie displayed open disdain for children's fiction, she learned things quickly and retained that knowledge.  She discovered Star Trek in third grade and became a latent Spock fangirl, thanks to her cousin David Wyatt.  Despite their five-year age difference, she latched onto him like a shadow—when she was seven, she told her parents that she was going to marry him.  Although she has long forgotten this, the two remain inseparable friends.

With science fiction as her only creative input, she soon began to tinker with electronics and learned to rebuild whatever she took apart.  Her inventions are rather grand in scale and so can never reach the prototype stage, but she has a good deal of blueprints that impress Urd as "nearly possible".  She feels that engineering is her only real talent, and so spends most of her free time developing it, often working on so many things at once that she doesn't give herself a chance to gloom over botched projects.


Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1.) Outdo myself
2.) Invent something that becomes a household name
3.) Meet a celebrity and act cool

Three Names You Go By:
1.) Jessie
2.) Miss Angus
3.) Jessamae (Dad still calls me that)

Three Screen Names You Have Had:
1.) jes.ang
2.) busy_time
3.) timechance

Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:
1.) I have big hands—perfect for just about everything
2.) My hair is pretty manageable…
3.) I'm tall!  I love being tall.  :D

Three Parts Of Your Heritage:
1.) I have a lot of cousins in Wales.
2.) But most of my mom's ancestors came from England, apparently.
3.) American?

Three Things That Scare You:
1.) Buses and the train.  The smell, the noise, the crowds…
2.) Thunder.  I know, it's childish, but I can't help it!
3.) Um… I can't think of anything else.

Three Of Your Everyday Essentials:
1.) Ovaltine
2.) Waking up before 5:00am
3.) Radio

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1.) My scarf.  It's clean, never mind what Mom says.
2.) Sensible shoes.  Less clean.
3.) Right now, a pair of motorcycle goggles

Three Of Your Favourite Bands/Musical Artists:
1.) Taking Back Sunday
2.) Flogging Molly
3.) The Starting Line

Three Of Your Favourite Songs:
1.) What was that Metro Station song that got a lot of radio play a couple years ago?  Shake It?  I liked Seventeen Forever better.
2.) Ready – The Starting Line
3.) I forget who did it, but I really like Ohio is for Lovers.

Three Things You Want In A Relationship:
1.) I don't know.  I haven't thought about it.  I guess… Respect.
2.) What else?  I'd like him to be good-looking.  Does that mean I'm shallow?
3.) Maybe a little spontaneity.  I don't get surprised much.

Two Truths And A Lie (in no particular order):
1.) I collect spiders.
2.) There's a fan letter in my desk.  I will never send it.
3.) Cantaloupe is better than watermelon.

Three Physical Things About The Preferred Sex That Appeal To You:
1.) Well, maybe it's because I'm tall, but I like that guys tend to be built bigger and taller than me.  Leo isn't though.  I mean, he's tall, but his shoulders are about as broad as mine.
2.) The different perspective they have.  I don't think that you can tell what someone will think based on their gender, but the actual thought processes on each side, speaking as broadly as possible, do have a sort of underlined uniformity that differs from the other side.  And I like that.
3.) Body language.  Now I've had a chance to think about it, I like a guy with smooth moves.  Maybe not a dancer, but definitely someone graceful.

Three Of Your Favourite Hobbies:
1.) Despite what my dad says, inventing isn't really a hobby—not to me.  The hobby part of it, is collecting stuff.  I don't even use half of the things I scavenge from junkyards.
2.) Drawing mazes.  It started out as doodling, but it relaxes me to make them go places.
3.) Rollerblading.  I'm awful at it, but that's why I like it.

Three Things You Want To Do Really Badly Right Now:
1.) Watch a Christopher Walken movie.
2.) with some pie.
3.) That would seriously be a small slice of heaven.  Anything else could wait.

Three Careers You're Considering/You've Considered:
1.) Engineer, duh.  It's what I'm going to do.
2.) Architect is my back-up plan.  That's my Mom analysing all the maze doodles.
3.) Pretty much between the two.

Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation:
1.) We went to visit my Aunt Non and her family in Harlech.  I didn't think I'd like it there, but it was actually pretty cool.
2.) There's a games convention in Germany that Leo told me about.  I'd love to go to that.
3.) Anywhere in California.  Just for the sunny weather.

Three Kids' Names You Like:
1.) Pointless, but okay.  Gwen.
2.) Nathan
3.) Helena

Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Girl:
1.) My figure.
2.) Pink is actually a colour I like.  People usually don't expect that.
3.) I am a girl.

Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Boy:
1.) I don't wear make-up.
2.) There are no skirts in my wardrobe.
3.) …my figure.  I'm built like a rail.


Grease dripped off the engine and onto my forehead, landing with an insulting slap.  I reached up to rub it off, then sighed.  So far, this was not shaping into a productive afternoon.  The worst part was, I could trace the source of it all to one person, and that person was me.

Starting off on the wrong foot was not usually something of which I was guilty.  But there have been stranger exceptions to more solid rules.  I banged the side of the engine with the wrench, gritting my teeth.  The violence had no effect.

Only quick thinking prevented getting a glob of grease in my mouth.  Unfortunately, it also sent me rolling across the floor.

This wasn't going to work.  I set the hammer on the ground and then sat up, rubbing my forehead.  The worn leather of my glove, almost too smooth from so much use, didn't so much mop up the sweat and grime as just move it around.

Part of me wanted to blame the fact that I knew David would not drop by for one of his "surprise" visits, but the rest of me took that part out into the back and shot it.  David never actually did anything.  He just sat around and talked about whatever came into his head until it was time for dinner.  Sometimes he cooked, but he didn't contribute to my work at all.

Still, I missed him.  He always seemed genuinely interested in my projects, and every time I asked him to be my guinea pig, he rose to the challenge like it was a noble opportunity.

Stupid conventions.

Picking up the wrench, I got to my feet and walked back to the engine.  Maybe I'd just been looking at it from the wrong angle.  The problem had to be in there somewhere, or else it'd be doing what it was supposed to do.

Although it wasn't my best work by a long shot, it was the first device I'd managed to get beyond blueprints in at least a year.  It was 10in x 6in, not terribly compact at this stage, with a toggle switch.  The theory was that it would be a sort of anti-solar powered engine, meant to operate in concert with solar panels.

But while the basement was definitely dark enough, there was some other internal malfunction.  Flipping the switch did nothing.  It couldn't even power a dollar store mini-waterfall.

I took off one of my gloves and manoeuvred my fingers into the gaps of the device, seeking anything loose or out of place.  Once or twice my middle finger caught on something, but each time it was due to the loose skin of my knuckle.  Everything was where it was supposed to be.

Which meant that it still wasn't ready to leave the drawing board.

I eased my hand back out, shoulders not quite shaking.  David would have told me that there was nothing wrong with the drawing board, or that it was still a good idea.  I told myself that "setback" did not have to mean "disaster".

Maybe I just needed to give it an internal tenebrific generator.  It would make it a little more self-sufficient, and that was never a bad feature.  Urd Conrad had found a way to use tiny sunlamps in a solar-powered sprinkler system.

I tossed a tarp over the engine and walked back to the drawing board.
Used [link] and boy was it necessary.

Jessie is easily the blandest character in the group--and that's sad, because it isn't her fault. She's just up against some dynamic people. I think I was able to dredge up some of her more interesting points though.

Poor kid. She's the youngest and I'm still pretty sure she will get a crush on Leo, the subtle Anything That Moves of this picture.

...okay, that trope is a little harsh on him, since he's not that extravagant, but I don't know a softer way to put it. Maybe I'll just put him through the 101, that'll explain it.
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Hagge Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2010  Professional General Artist
Wow, that's a good idea...I like how this turned out. I may have to try it some day with a couple of my own. :D
Kid-Apocalypse Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
It really helped a lot. I had to force myself to give her more dimensions. It's good to make yourself answer some of these questions, even if they won't come up in the story. You never know how they'll colour a character's actions or perceptions.
Hagge Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2010  Professional General Artist
True. I wonder how it'd work on some of my current individuals, developed as they are already...ought to be interesting. :D
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