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July 15, 2007
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Chopstick Reference Sheet by Kid-Apocalypse Chopstick Reference Sheet by Kid-Apocalypse
100 Themes Challenge, #20 "Fortitude"

When you least expect it, Rachel saves my life. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again. Yes, most of that sentence links to old, relevant devs. I love html.

Fourth time's the charm, I guess. :D Haha to anyone who thought that [link] was me. 'cause you were totally wrong and stuff.

Chopstick is the star of an almost-completely-private project called, duh, "Rice in the Afterlife", which might have something to do with the muse army. So she actually knows Greg. I might do one of these for him again, since the only other main character is Jones, and honestly--how many angles can you draw of a possessed doll the size of a ten-year-old girl's hand? It's not like he moves.

The texture in the background, interestingly enough, is a recolored scan of an 82-year-old leather-bound dictionary. .....and please, no one mention that Chopstick has a passing resemblance to Dice, it was unintentional....

EDIT: Almost forgot, the font with her name in the middle is from [link]

( -.-)~

Chopstick McGee
Age: 10
Height: 4'4"
Race: Zombie
Occupation: Grade school student
Personality: Gloomy and happy about it
Notable ability: Summon and banish small shadows; summoned shadows generally take a solid form resembling a glowing, electrocuted dust bunny
Likes: Human flesh, large sharp objects, yo-yo's
Tolerates: Ska music, skirts, Dead Guy Jones
Dislikes: Plums, terrible guitarists, Dead Guy Jones
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She's adorable!!! :D She looks like Dice's evil little cousin. :giggle: This looks to be incredibly aweseom.
So damn fun to draw. And the Dice-resemblance is, as I said, effing unintentional as all get out. I wanted to use my old style of eyes from last year, and they inevitably end up looking Asian.

It could be. It really could be...
I did promise myself that if I do it, I'm not sharing until I have 100 strips.

....99 1/2 to go. :laughing:
:cuddle: I should get started writing for the day, but I'm so tired....
29 thousand something words? Eheh... I think you have a pretty respectable buffer. ^^;
It's because I am a verbose little strangoid and I'm writing something I know--little kids! Today is the day for it to come to a screeching halt, though, trust me.

I freaking love Matteo. I barely realized yesterday that his name is Matteo Dylan Bernoulli. ^^;
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Hagge Jul 15, 2007  Professional General Artist
Gahh, I've got to get busier...Your art is prodding me again! :D
Hee, thanks. Insomnia makes for a productive armful of hours. ^^;
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