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Chihuahua Minion by Kid-Apocalypse Chihuahua Minion by Kid-Apocalypse
Used the Evil Animal Minion Generator and found this gem: Release the shape-shifting chihuahuas that can interface with electronic devices!

Hope you like his little robot arms, I think they're a better idea than the cybernetics headset I was going to give him. This way you get to see his expression, the one that you see on chihuahuas everywhere! He's shape-shifted into a lime jello, in case no one can guess.... There should probably be more than one, but I'm on vacation and this is just a fun gift for my cousin Lindsey. We're also working on a pair of super heroes. :eyes:

This is a For Fun entry for the Silly Season contest.
Vinkes Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2006
Its like you read my mind.
KKarth Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2006
omg thats so cute and not to mention creative.

I like very much.

Gotta love that line art as well.
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