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Full name: Aurelia Naehring
Other names: née Chen
Age/DOB: 26
Physical/Mental Gender: Aurelia is a bit complicated.  She's physically a girl, but has spent most of her life as "one of the guys".  So she feels 50% male, 50% female.  The female half is mostly physical, but she likes sappy television programmes (but not films) and wears make-up.  The male half is very sporty and daring.
Cultural Heritage: Her father is half-Chinese, and her mother's side of the family weighs in as Belgian, Native-American, and Russian.  To quote Audrey Hepburn, if she were a dog, she'd be a heck of a mess.
-Parents: George Chen, hairstylist; Marie Chen, homemaker
-Siblings: Older brother Niu Chen, police officer, 30, married to Sally Chen, homemaker, 32
-Other: Nieces—Cosette, age 3 and Mapiya, 2 months
Prosperity: Middle class and quite content.  Aurelia loved Niu's toys and clothes, so hand-me-downs were never a problem.


Height: 5'4"
Weight: 160
Build: Curvy and buxom.  She has a big bust and big hips.
Skin-tone: Olive skin, which she calls a genetic hiccup, as her parents are both lighter-skinned than she is.
Eyes: Heavy-lidded, black eyes, thick lashes
Hair: Glossy and soft, very dark black.  Usually wears it up or with a headband, flips out at her shoulders.
Nose: Flat and a bit wide, but small.
Mouth: Big with mostly straight teeth.
Ears: Petite and slightly flatter against her head than average.
Scars/other markings: None.
Glasses/piercings: Three holes in each ear, tribal tattoo on left arm (her design)
Preferred Hand: Right
Other/Notes: Aurelia tends to dress in shorts and a tank top, having mostly grown out of the days she could wear her brother's hand-me-downs.  However, she does wear some of her husband's shirts or jackets.  She's a fan of hair accessories, and has large-ish hands.


Level of physical fitness: Minimal.  Her endurance is rather higher than one might expect from looking at her, but she isn't very strong and doesn't care to be.
Physical age: Roughly her actual age, though  her cynicism might make her seem older at times, and Erika will occasionally call her "obahan".  But that has nothing to do with her looks.
Tone of voice: Deep-ish mezzo-soprano.
Smoker/drinker: Cannot afford either.
Physical disabilities: Asthma.  She carries around an inhaler, but given her financial straits, it might be empty and she needs to be extremely careful to avoid allergens.
Traits gained from mother: Figure and lack of nonsense-tolerance
Traits gained from father: His big laugh and maternal nature (yes)
Traits gained from surroundings: She learned to work hard and expect nothing unless effort was put in.  Her brother also taught her that it is impossible to cheat at baseball, but everything else in the world is fair game.
Dominant parent: Probably her father.  As stated, he was the more maternal of the two, even though her mother was around more.
Masking ability: Depends on what she's trying to hide.  Some things she has a lot of practise hiding, like hurt feelings, but frustration or anger are generally plain to see.
Empathy/Reader: She's the type of person who tries to be other people's mum, and fights herself over it.  She's a natural-born meddler.
Education: Incomplete graphic design degree.  The way things stand, it will remain that way for a while.
Moral/Logical: Aurelia has problems of her own, and can't help having a soft spot for people in trouble.  She isn't a logical person in any case, and has argued passionately when she was well wrong.
Religion: Calls herself a Buddhist, but doesn't really have a strong religious view.
Views on...:
-Love: She's a bit hard.  She doesn't like to talk about love, and gets tetchy if it's brought up in specific regard to her.
-Work: She'd probably like nothing more than to live in the Hamptons and do nothing for the rest of her life.  If asked why, she would say that she's been a waitress for longer than the devil has had heat rash, and such a life is deserved by all good waitstaff.
-Emotions: A necessary evil, albeit a collective evil responsible for about as much bad as good.
-Racism: Just plain stupid, and hopeful that that is as common a feeling as she thinks it is.
-Hate: Finds it a relaxing outlet.  While she isn't good enough with words to follow in the steps of Ebert, she gets about as pissy about things she doesn't like.
-Money: Loathe.
-Individualism vs. Conformity: She probably beat up conformists in school.  Probably for calling her fat.
-Beauty: Aurelia's conception of beauty is a many-layered thing.  Frank Miller's comics, Tom Waits's voice, Teddy Pendergrass, and romanticism, among other things.
-Comfort: Hot chocolate and a chair by the fire.  She dislikes weather, so being out of it generally makes her happy.  She likes to be at her ease.
Hobbies: Painting, sketching, reading big fat books about dead people.
Phobias: Not very many.  She's a little claustrophobic, thanks to getting stuck in an elevator as a child.
Philias: Demon-related media, plants, and desserts.
Likes: Old-school RPGs (inherited from Niu), jazz, the smell of fresh bread, photography, obscure films
Dislikes: Pickles, books by Charles Dickens, candles that have lost their wicks, obligations
Preferences in a companion: Non-romantic, she prefers people that she can't brush off as stupid.  She also prefers people she hangs around with to have some kind of passion or other.
Personality: Openly cynical, secretly tired.  Aurelia is not a strong believer in the basic goodness of humanity, but would like to be proven wrong.  She calls herself a softy, even though she isn't much of one, and she is very slow to bounce back from grievances and setbacks.
Other/Notes: Dragged kicking and screaming into the otaku world by Erika, Aurelia found one or two things she liked about it and consciously capitulated because of her friend.  She is quick to point out flaws even where there aren't any, but she's good with kids.


Line of work: Makes peanuts as a waitress at a steakhouse, tends to get the majority of her income from hustling poker at various venues.
-Describe their current one: A little blue house with a picket fence and an orange tree in the front yard
-Describe their childhood one: One half of a duplex.  It's a nice place, and her family got on well with the neighbours, but it taught her to treasure privacy.
-Describe their least favourite dwelling: Her grandmother's house.  Her family had to live there for a week before moving into their townhouse.  She thought it smelled like feet and glass.
-Describe their favourite dwelling: Her current home.  It's her marital home, and has a lot of happy memories.
Allergies: Pet dander, mould, cut grass
Talents: Great design sense for some forms of artistic media, impressive cook
Preferred method of transportation: She loves her car, but with gas prices what they are, she usually has to take a bus.
Hygiene habits: Forgetful, but sufficient.
-Preferred company: Her friends over her family.  They get on well enough, but she has less patience for her family.  She makes friends easily in close quarters, so she tends to do alright with co-workers.
-Preferred friends: Erika is technically her best friend, but they fight a lot.  Upon meeting Jessie, Aurelia immediately adopts her.
-Reasons for being around others: For all her cynicism, Aurelia is a highly social person and thrives on the company of others.
Others/Notes: Aurelia is big on driving, and would take a road trip every holiday, if she could.  She found Mr Toad's Wild Ride as a kid, and eventually moved up to attending races.



In her second year of college, Aurelia married her high school sweetheart Jeff.  He was a law student at the time, with prospects and potential coming out his ears.  His parents hated her, and refused to come to the wedding, but her family stepped in to fill such gaps, to the point of not nagging about their youth.  Aurelia and Jeff had big plans, for their careers and their life together.  She struggled in school, but found the work worthwhile.

Two years later, they were both in a car accident.  Jeff died on the operating table, and Aurelia almost moved back home.  She tried to carry on with school, but her work failed to satisfy her and she missed a lot of assignments.  The first year, she was given a free ride as far as grades were concerned, but after that she didn't go back.  She leaned heavily on Erika for emotional support, and got her current job six months after the accident.  The two of them started hustling poker for fun, but when it turned out to be more lucrative than her actual job, Aurelia drew up a schedule for it.


Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1.) Learn Chinese and debate with a politician.
2.) Restore a painting I hate, and therefore prove to my mother that integrity is more important than taste.
3.) Have a wealthy lifestyle.

Three Names You Go By:
1.) Aurie
2.) Roxi
3.) Vasty—it has to do with my favourite band, shut up.

Three Screen Names You Have Had:
1.) I'm ricemegatron on deviantART.
2.) I use naderrox for everything—email, Skype, forums, whatever.  For some reason, people shorten it to Roxi.  You'd think at least one person would call me Nader.
3.) Um.  I had a school email.  Maybe it was

Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:
1.) 38-27-37, baby.
2.) I got my mother's not-flat hair.
3.) My bones don't break easily.

Three Parts Of Your Heritage:
1.) Yay, this is a fun topic.  Let's start with the one that I've always had to explain.  I'm a quarter Chinese and no, it doesn't show in very many ways.  Mostly in my feet, cheekbones, and blood.
2.) Belgian and Russian, probably in equal measure.
3.) Either Hopi or Lebanese, it's hard to keep track.

Three Things That Scare You:
1.) The IRS
2.) Losing anything.  Seriously, the thought of misplacing my keys terrifies me.
3.) Spoiled food.  I have a very sensitive nose.  The fridge gets cleaned out regularly.

Three Of Your Everyday Essentials:
1.) Herbal tea and rice krispies.
2.) Checking my many, many accounts for the odd message.
3.) Sunshine, and boy do I get a lot of it.

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1.) Underpants
2.) Socks
3.) It's not wearing, but I've got a toothbrush in my mouth.

Three Of Your Favourite Bands/Musical Artists:
1.) VAST—visual audio sensory theatre.
2.) The String Cheese Incident
3.) Sunrise Avenue, usually.

Three Of Your Favourite Songs:
1.) The version of Sinnerman remixed for Cellular.
2.) Teddy Pendergrass – Love TKO.  Everyone I know hates it, but I like it.
3.) You Are My Joy, by The Reindeer Section.


Cut off for the sake of Aurelia leaving the rest blank.  In her own context, she would probably start to fill it out, and then stop here and leave it on her computer or delete it all.


There were certain places in the world where sound couldn't reach.  Not even silence, which was part of sound.  Aurelia gravitated to these places by accident, and invariably left them feeling awkward.  She sat on the park bench, drumming her fingers on her knees.

If it had been raining, she would have at least had an excuse to get up and go home.  As it was, she didn't even have an excuse to scoot to the opposite edge of the bench.  She took a shallow, quiet breath, and then expelled it almost immediately.

Her phone rang, snapping a smile to her face.  Contact.  She flipped it open and held it to her ear, schooling the relief out of her voice.  "Thank you."

"Um, hooray gratitude, I guess.  Do you need saving?"

"I might."  A kid rumbled by on a skateboard, scraping the sidewalk with the wheels and duct tape.  Less than a second later, a dog barked, high-pitched and excited.  Sound had reached her.  She smiled sheepishly.  "No, I'm just…  I never need saving.  So don't bring up white knights."

"I won't.  Not unless you wanna borrow my dad's Moody Blues LP."

"He would have that, wouldn't he?"

"Not would, does."

Aurelia laughed, lifting her legs out of the way of a stroller.  "Is that why you called, Erika?  To talk about your dad's music collection?"

"That's why they pay me the big bucks, sister.  I always have the hottest topics."

"Wow, I must be getting old.  In my day, 'big bucks' meant cash money."  She stood up and started walking, headed for the south exit—the quickest way to reach her caller.  "The only payment you ever get is someone helping you tick off your Amazon wishlist."

"Them's the big bucks of the Youtube Generation."

"I didn't think inflation worked that way."
Dunno why this took so long. Probably because Aurelia is really really hard to write and I've been doing some other stuff...
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So's Gytha. :) Except she'd have had a brief temperamenal explosion, and then either storm off, or throw something. :D She does have a temper.
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